quarta-feira, 8 de maio de 2013


If everything but rain is what you have to say to me I think it's done.
We're just memories in the rain then I can be  free and by now you should be gone.

The dark side of the universe is made by the fire and by the lust
And if you wanna bring the light you kill the shadows
lessons to be learnt.

Princess and the dragon they are no here in this world. They never did.
I call it end of hypnosis
 now you free to reality.

End of bond, end of the bond, end of all bonds
 is there nothing tying you here?
Welcome to our execution, free of all illusions
 what you do from here?

You blame your conquistadores
 blame them for the mala suerte you got.
perhaps you should not pray for predators
Death is the only thing they got.

The dark beat says to my heart they are planning to come here and take our life.
The burnour Inferno is not bright or hot. It is cold and it is dark.

But the rescuer in the dark, rescuer in the deep dark will save us again
We must do a countdown to the end
and he will bring the evil death and strawberry.

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