terça-feira, 21 de junho de 2011

Liebestory number 1

I overcame my bravery
overcome my fear
overcame myself
without any scream
without any tear
without any help
so baby, do not come to me
with all that shit
is only getting worse
for the sake of us, get all that bullshit
and put in your purse

I did not come here
to listen to fairy stories
I do not want you to be
sweet. please, just be honest
so cut that shit off, let's have this conversation
but first I have to make it clear

I can take care of myself
I can take care of myself
so do not worry, do not need help
I can take care of myself

Eu tinha que fazer essa merda hoje. O riff dela é ótimo, deixa eu ter tempo que eu colocarei todas as minhas músicas aqui, hehehe