sábado, 15 de dezembro de 2012


Have you ever wonder if you could choose the last person to speak everyday?
I could finally have a good night of sleep without crying about yesterday
Sad cause here this can't be real but I still remember of our chat

smiling happy in the room, light like a plume after hearing up your voice
without knowing that tomorrow you would come to me and make a lot of noise
And you came and that was awesome cause I know you could be somewhere else

Love is a beautiful thing
just be open and ready to receive it
And I just wrote it cause I mean
And to tell you I'm right here at the door.
at your door

Saw you far away from me and I just waited I just prayed "come here"
You just missed your destiny back there and I started wonder "is this happening?"
And it was crazy was amazing it was like the time had frozen up

I returned you to your destiny and I left wanting to come back
You were all I could think about and I started to wrote lyrics for some poor track
I would do anything to spend some time with you but this I can't

Eu gostei muito desta. COMENTA!!!

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