domingo, 24 de agosto de 2014

I have a bad case of liking you

It seemed to me like she was into me
She was always smiling at me and always laughing of my jokes
and there's more to tell

She would come here like she was looking for me
to tell me things about her life and fears and dreams and  hopes
I was there to hear.

So I made a move but I don't know if it was clear
I only know she went somewhere to meet some guy instead of me.

It seemed to me like she was not into me
Maybe I just have a friendly face and some good jokes
At least seemed like it.

And I backed of her to live my life
and she just came back pissed wondering why I was so cold
And I didn't get it.

"Did I do something to you?" was what she asked me
I said "No. don't worry about it" thinking "girl get the hell out of here"

I know I am being rude to you
I'm just having a hard time liking you
So I ask for some time and patience
So I can get thru this feeling
Or should I call you to watch star wars with me
Or should I ask you for a kiss

It's all up to you

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