terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2014

Does it really??

You know, we all talk bout it. Now it's my turn. I'm looking for it. But it's not like I don't have it, cause I do. But I - and everybody else - need it in all different ways, all sorts of. If you read this crappy blog you already should know what it is. Anyway, what I'm trying to point out is: does it exist? Not talking here about it in a way you get by the people you live and have a true bond, a concret bond, reguardless time and space. I'm talking bout it in a way Led Zeppilin sings in every song, the one me and my depressed friends use to create beautiful (in their cases) peaces of art. Even if I'm not sure if we use it itself, the willing for it or fall in it, or just the lack of it.
I'm talking bout it cause it's so hard for me to see it. Even to feel it. Not just in my life, but in other's lifes as well. There's war every single day, people killing each other in every way this verb reaches. Where is it? does it really exist?? Cause we have day and night, in which the day is for others and the night is for ourselves. During the day, we don't give it easy, we don't show it, we don't feel it. It's all about me, when it should be about others. But we don't have this problem when the night comes. During the night we have plane conscience that the night is ours, and we seek the heat it gives us everywhere: tv series, movies, music, books, friends, girls and such. At least we're not that out of role during the night. But the same problem that happens during the day repeats here: people won't show it to you. Just that, nothing else. It's like the world is hiding possibilites for you to be happy and at the same time you're hiding possibilites for the world to be happy as well. Why we do that? Is it the same of santa claus?? Is it just a creation of our minds to live confortable till we die?? And even so, why can't I have it? Why can't you have it? It's not like I'm looking for the truth of all...
And my question goes on: does it exist? Really??

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