sábado, 15 de novembro de 2014


I was online wasting my time and then I thought I give a try
to ask her out for a white giant castle Boulevard
so I'd see how it goes watching warriors beated up like dead hoes
We seem to had a really good time I thought of give another try
I asked her out for a gig that was happening at the park
she just texted me no, let's keep it plan B see how it goes.

after cookies and sneaks out of class
during cookies and sneaks out of class
I was into her so it could not last
My lips can't lock with lips it remotely cares

Things have changed but didn't change for the best I lunched with her BFFs
and one day after that out of the blue she won't text back
we still spend time in chats I know I'm funny why the hell don't you laugh?
One day at night I was driving my car wondering why I like bipolars
and a thought came to me this happend twice this road so far
the first time with my ex-wife, also known as freaking hellish love of my life

but at the end she just worte me a text
bout taking blame of things I felt
that just made me laugh loud until mirrors crack
gash you're pretty great but you're just not all that

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