quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010

Blackwind's Code

Do not show the others who you are.
Do not let they know what is on your mind.
Family matters, only family.
Keep your friends closer, but just who you really trust.
Do not believe in people, you must to believe in facts, only facts.
Like House said, " Everybody Lies ".
Keep the wrath in your eyes, it scares people, and shows who they really are.
Be insane and smart, those things will help you when you need.
Do not lose the control of your body and mind.
Do not tell your secrets to anyone, secrets just exist to screw you.
And please, do not care about strangers or people that don't care about you. They are like secrets.

This code must not to be followed, but it will help you to survive and it will not let you down.
Learn and survive.

Bom, esse é o código. E o último post do ano. 

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  1. N! Ainda tem 22 dias pra vc postar! Não pare agora XD

    Sad... but true
    Tah foda o post!


  2. " Everybody Lies ". truth