sexta-feira, 30 de julho de 2010

Not Now

Opa... Como estão todos?
Passando pra deixar uma nova musica da banda "Loading" feita por mim ^^

Not Now
Letra: Chouji
Música: ???

Me and You

Now is what matters,

And the rest of the world don't care,

Not now

How we cheat each other

Why so long?

A waiting for the other,

Two hearts without reaction

No, I do not want to have to wait

Wait only for you

We can have a moment,

But this moment is not now

Besides I want to have only one option

And as much as my heart says

"It's you and only you"

"What can make me happy,"

I want to be able to have a

second option

I hope that we

That same sense

In a while

Beating inside our hearts,

This feeling real

That's just me and you will

Each other

But now I do not want you flower

Not now.

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  1. Sentimento bateu forte nessa hein?!Agora não adianta só eu comentar,divulga essa parada aqui,seu mané!